day 5

it’s saturday morning, woke up happy, all night I dreamed about ocean and the blue sky.

we always loved ocean, our second “meeting”(he didn’t officially asked me out yet) was at the beach,  my roommate used to joke that every time I went on a date, I will come home with sand.

the thought of getting married on the beach surfaced many many times, but how realistic is it? I have seen some beautiful beach weddings, but do I really want get married in flip-flops? make all the guest get dressed up but go home with sand in their shoes?

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how realistic is a beach wedding with a budget? I still want all the things a normal wedding has, dancing, dinner, first dance. cake. and noooo BBQ!…


day 4

it’s still too early to start looking for a dress. but it’s so tempting!!! especially all the wedding magazine seem to really put a lot of emphasis on the dress.

saw this on a style me pretty the other day.. oh so dreamy.

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day 3


finally we decided on a date, well sort of. the date now is July 2011.

a date makes all of this more real!

day 2

I decided i want and need is a amazing photographer.

i am looking for someone who is friendly, nice, fun, smart, funny. it almost sounds like dating=)  the right photographer for the right event is so important, photos are usually what we use to refer to our memories. so this is one thing i will not go cheap.

here are some sites i am using to find us a star photographer:





will keep updating my progress. =)

Day 1

Why am I blogging?

wedding planning can be stressful, sometime we forget the reason we are doing it for. I want to document our planning journey and be able to look back and laugh at all the silly things. I want our children one day to be able to read this and know how much we love each other. I want to remind ourselves everyday how lucky we are to have each other.

day 1

I opened my first wedding magazine, I was never one of those girls who dreamed about her wedding day, so never bothered to open a wedding magazine, not even a peak. but as soon as i opened one today, the flood gate of excitement came on. So excited to start planning!!!