lost track=)

met up with our potential photographer!!! i think she is the one
http://www.lilidurkin.com =)


day 29

wedding website,

did some research and found these wedding website packages, most of them are 49 dollars a year, pretty good deal. at the end i decided as a graphic designer, it would be a little embarrassing if i am too lazy to design my own wedding site=) will post it once it’s done.

here are the top three i liked

1. http://www.wedsite.com/ very cute vintage looking flash site, the nicest i have found, but a little pricer than the other options, but this site you can pick your own domain=)
2. http://www.ewedding.com/ very cute options and themes, pretty easy to use, with matching invitations
2. http://weddings.theknot.com/pwp/pwp_offers.aspx this is free! pretty awesome considering everything about weddings are expansive, but the only downfall is your domain will have the knot.com in it=(

day 22

went to see a historic house today on shoreline drive, it’s by a lake and tons of green.

very causal, cute, intimate place. even better, it’s affordable=)

can’t wait to see more.

day 19

i think i found the one, http://www.herecomestheguide.com/location/detail/the-outdoor-art-club/

it’s very cute and casual like us=) will have to call and make a appointment to see it! can’t wait!

day 15 part 2

the amazing team at ban.do always makes the chicest(is that a word) hottest, the most fabulous hair “magic”

they have a great line for brides, but i like the colors of the black line even more.  they are perfect for a unique untradtional wedding=) .. i am gonna pass out from wuuuing and ahhhing.

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day 15

still searching for the perfect venue, at least we narrowed down the must haves

1, saturaday night

2, loud music

3, able to stay until at least midnight

4, outdoor

looking for somewhere that fits all four Musts and still fits our budget for the venue which is 3000. wooof.. this is going to be fun!


NEED to have these balloons! how cute would they be as wedding favors =)

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